When cancer spreads, we are suddenly thrust into the fight of our lives for ourselves and for those we love.  Join us and help change the advanced cancer stigma of  “dying from cancer” to “living with cancer”.

Say YES to Hope

Plan a One Million Ripples Fundraising Event

to Create a Wave of HOPE!


Fundraising Event Ideas and Resources


No cancer story takes place without Ripples of Hope from family, friends, strangers, doctors, nurses, and so many more.  Each of these ripples will connect to  create One Million Ripples, with the goal of raising ONE MILLION DOLLARS and shaing ONE MILLION STORIES by December 31, 2018.  Organizing a RIPPLE event is a lot of fun.


Fundraising Event Ideas:

  • Golf tournament
  • Concert
  • Cocktail/Dinner Receptions
  • Picnic/Cookout
  • Sports Event
  • Garage Sale
  • Bake Sale
  • Local restaurants or bars donating a percentage of evening’s proceeds
  • Walk a Thon
  • Bike a Thon
  • Dance a Thon
  • Run in a 5K or marathon


  • Climb a mountain
  • Wedding donation
  • Birthday contribution
  • A tribute party to honor a loved one
  • A class project
  • A “virtual” marathon
  • Bowling tournament
  • Unused book sale
  • Wine and/or chocolate tasting
  • Hosting a booth at a marathon, county fair, town festival, etc. to raise awareness




Choose a Date for the Event


Schedule your ONE MILLION RIPPLES event at a time that does not conflict with other events in your community.


Contact YES!


We can help you plan your ONE MILLION RIPPLES event and provide educational materials and possibly schedule speakers to attend your event.


Promotion and Publicity


There are many ways to get the word out about your ONE MILLION RIPPLES event, including word-of-mouth, letters, e-mails, posters,print, and radio and television media.


You may want to procure a celebrity guest who might be willing to use their voice.

Choose an individual or medical professional to honor for their work in the field of advanced cancer.


Other Great Ideas


Approach corporate sponsors to support your event to create even more RIPPLES.

Ask local businesses to donate silent auction items for your event.

Raffle donated items such as vacation homes and time-shares or wine at your event.



Publicity and Advertising


The more people that know about your event, the more successful it will be. Start early and spread the word about your event as

soon as you set the date, time and location.


The YES mission with ONE MILLION RIPPLES is for you to create a personal RIPPLE and see where your RIPPLES begin and end.  The more personal your event is, the more RIPPLES your event will create in your community.


Post the Event on Our Website


Please send us an email with the following details to Ronnie Lindley at rjlindley@sayyestohope.org


City and state of event

Location – street address or school or business name

Start and end time of event

Any other event details including name of organization or host





YES is pleased to offer our ONE MILLION RIPPLES Traveling Photo Gallery to those hosting an event to benefit YES.. This exhibit

is dedicated to explaining this poorly understood, oft forgotten population of cancer survivors. The traveling gallery consists of portraits

shared by survivors of advanced cancer or families affected by advanced cancer, sharing their story through their own words. It is a

powerful display of the often positive, powerful side of LIVING with advanced cancer on families around the world.


Please contact Tami Thennis (tthennis@sayyestohope.org) if you are interested in using The Traveling Photo Gallery at your upcoming

event or would like information on how to become a part of our traveling exhibit.




If you have any questions about planning a ONE MILLION RIPPLES fundraising event,

please call Suzanne Lindley directly at (903) 275-4321.



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